Just like a double negative, Notnotcamscott is difficult to pin down. Working in both street & gallery, digital & material, this artist explores numerous territories and techniques through his practice. Born in New York, Cameron has been working in Sydney for over a decade. Known in Sydney’s street art scene under his moniker NOTNOT, Cameron produces truly unique works that enrich urban spaces. By combining his love for found or recycled materials with painting, stencils and his one of a kind street screen-printing practice, NOTNOT creates thought provoking works that always possess a distinctive aesthetic. Alongside this passion for public art making, Cameron has completed an honours degree in Fine Arts/Arts from the University of New South Wales. Very comfortable in a gallery context having worked with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the Venice Biennale & Guggenheim Museum, Cameron has been exhibited in numerous shows both here and abroad. Predominantly working with reflective and transparent materials, his unconventional printmaking practice merges digital and analogue processes with beguiling results. This has led to numerous accolades such as the William Fletcher Foundation Tertiary Grant, The Art Scene Award and TEDx artist talks.

Cam Scott presents the first NFT-enabled street artworks. Notnotcamscott’s infamous Digital Realities street series has now been bolstered by blockchain technology. These geotagged NFTs [IRL] allow buyers to discover, appreciate and collect these street artworks across Australia through a custom artist-built platform [ ] A game changer for street artists and street art patronage.


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